Fathers of Football


Fathers of Football is a documentary that follows the triumphs and struggles of life in a small town Oklahoma, where football is not only the brightest stage but also the best ticket out. Most players are trying to avoid the same pitfalls as previous generations and make a name for themselves. After two state championships and a 25 game winning streak, the Wagoner Bulldogs are going for a third consecutive title under the leadership of their coach, Dale Condict. He's the backbone of his community. “Coach” is more than just your typical guy shouting out plays and holding a clipboard, he's a mentor and confidant to the young men on his team. Coach’s own son and the team’s starting guard, Austin Condict, is recovering from testicular cancer and trying to make a comeback on the field. Fathers of Football follows the coaches, wives, and players as their stories are interwoven with the challenges of the season.

Running time: 1 hr 27 min
Director: Bradley Beesley