D-Day Remembered



It was the beginning of the liberation of Europe from Hitler and Nazi tyranny and the single most definable moment of the Allied victory in World War II. A pivotal point in history at which the future of the civilized world hung in the balance, it was the largest and most ambitious logistical undertaking attempted by humankind. It demonstrated, in General Eisenhower's words, "the incomparable power of an aroused democracy."

The invasion of Europe at Normandy of June 6, 1944 by the Allied forces was an event the like of which the world will never see again. In "a kind of filmmaking miracle" (L.A. Times), D-Day Remembered combines footage and photographs from American, British and German archives with the voices of the people who participated in the planning and execution of the invasion to create a stunning and unforgettable portrait of "Operation Overlord." From paratroopers jumping off into the darkness, to the tremendous bombardment of key German positions, to the perilous crossing of the English Channel and the landing of some 150,000 troops and 30,000 vehicles on the fortified beaches, D-Day Remembered presents a thrilling, inspiring and unromanticized account of the most significant military engagement of the 20th century.

Running time: 54 min
Director: Charles Guggenheim
Narrated by: David McCullough